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What Is Air Duct Cleaning?
Air duct cleaning is the removal of dirt from the inside of the air ducts inside your home in an effort to reduce the levels of allergy-producing particles in the air. This improves both air quality and HVAC performance.  Pacific Breeze Air Duct Services takes care of all your duct cleaning and repair needs, as well as other home air quality needs.
Why Clean Your Air Ducts?
The EPA suggests that you should consider air duct cleaning or other ventilation services if:

  • Your air ducts are clogged with dust and debris.
  • Dust or debris is being released into your home through your system’s air supply registers.
  • You have rodents, insects, or other vermin infesting your ducts, attic, or crawl space.
  • The surfaces of your ducts or other components of your heating and cooling system have a substantial amount of visible mold on them. An air duct cleaning service may be able to show you this mold, if it is present.
The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning from Pacific Breeze Air Duct Services
  • Reduce household dust.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Reduced airborne allergen.
  • Greater energy effeciency.
  • Maintenance of your HVAC.
  • Easier for HVAC air to travel
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